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Upstairs Sdn Bhd

—— Your Premier Distributor for Otolift Stairlifts, Cibes Homelifts, and Ascender Platform Stairlifts in Malaysia

Empowering Mobility. Enhancing Lives.

Explore innovative mobility solutions designed for seamless access, safety, and inclusive home environments. Discover how our Otolift stairlifts, Cibes homelifts, and Ascender platform stairlifts redefine independence and dignity.

Our Commitment

  • Empowering Mobility: Upstairs Sdn Bhd delivers cutting-edge stairlifts, homelifts, and platform stairlifts, providing innovative solutions for overcoming mobility challenges.
  • Enhancing Lives: With exceptional design, engineering excellence, and personalized service, our mission is to enrich lives by fostering accessibility and promoting independence.

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Which One Is Suitable?

Not sure about what the market is offering? Which one is suitable for you?

We can differentiate the solutions into 3 different categories.

  • Otolift Stairlifts: Experience smooth and secure mobility with our Otolift stairlifts, designed for reliability and comfort.
  • Ascender Platform Stairlifts: Enhance accessibility in commercial spaces with our Ascender platform stairlifts, offering safe and efficient vertical transportation.
  • Cibes Homelifts: Elevate accessibility within your home with Cibes homelifts, blending style and functionality seamlessly.
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