Stairlift for your lovely dad…

Daddy in need of mobility aids and having difficulty to go up and down the staircases. We as the children are looking for help so that they can continue to live in their existing home, a place where they are familiar with.

Stairlift will be the answer for that! With the stairlift solution, it is so simple and renovation is not required. With the stairlift solution, dad will be happy living in the house again!

This is what we can do as child to care for our lovely dad.

How does the stairlift works?

You can operate the stairlift by yourself, and do not need any person to help you with it. You just need to be able to sit down on the chair, press a button on the armrest and the chair will moves you up or down the steps in a safe and convenient way. The speed is 15 cm per second, which is an international maximum speed for stairlifts.

Anything I should know?

The are 2 types of stairlifts, one for a straight staircase, which will have a straight rail and will be more cost effective. If there is 1 or more bends in the rail, you will need to have a curved rail, for the curved staircase. The curved stairlift can move pretty much in all directions. The installation of the stairlift takes only one day and we fix the rail on the steps, not on the wall. The stairlift can carry 125 kg and this can be adjusted to 150 kg. The product is manufactured nearby the cheese city of Gouda, Holland, by a 125 year old family run business. Click here for some special features.