This product is for your mom:

This product is called a stairlift and is mostly used to help moms to go up and down the steps. Mostly, it is the daughter or son (that would be you) who is looking to help mom with her mobility issue. Such that she can continue living in her familiar environment. Every mom deserves that. With a stairlift there is no need for house renovation, or even moving house. She will tell you that she does not need it, mothers are like that one, we say in Malaysia. You know that a stairlift  makes her mobile again.

What is it?

A stairlift is a mechanical device made for lifting people (mostly moms or dads) up and down the steps. A rail, sometimes a straight rail and sometimes a curved rail is mounted on the steps of the staircase. To this rail a chair is mounted, such that it can move up and down the rail by an electric motor.

How does it works?

You can operate the stairlift by yourself, and do not need any person to help you with it. You just need to be able to sit down on the chair, press a button on the armrest and the chair will moves you up or down the steps in a safe and convenient way. The speed is 15 cm per second, which is an international maximum speed for stairlifts.

Anything I should know?

The are 2 types of stairlifts, one for a straight staircase, which will have a straight rail and will be more cost effective. If there is 1 or more bends in the rail, you will need to have a curved rail, for the curved staircase. The curved stairlift can move pretty much in all directions. The installation of the stairlift takes only one day and we fix the rail on the steps, not on the wall. The stairlift can carry 125 kg and this can be adjusted to 150 kg. The product is manufactured nearby the cheese city of Gouda, Holland, by a 125 year old family run business.

How do I get one?

You can call us at 016-2060408, Ms Lim, or fill in the contact form. We will come and visit the location where do you want to install the stairlift. We measure the steps, and provide you with a detailed quotation. Once agreed to the features and pricing, we will order the stairlift in Holland, and ship it to your place. The installation is done typically in one day.  Do you need a lift urgent? You can measure your own staircase so that we can provide a quote faster.

Long lasting?

Stairlifts are long lasting, we do have customers which are still using the stairlift installed more than 20 years ago in Malaysia. After the one day installation, you need to maintain the lift 2 to 4 times per year. The cost of the maintenance depends on the lift choice.

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