What do I need to do the preparation installation for a staircase lift?

You need to clear the space of the staircase. Remove any cabinet of bookshelf in the staircase well. It can happen that a spanner or alan key will drop from the staircase. Therefore the space below the staircase also need to be cleared. The installer can help you clearing the space. If your staircase is built from some special material, we advice to take a picture from each step. At any time later we can compare the staircase before and after the installation.

Do you need special power supply?

A staircase lift is installed using the general assembly tools. All what we need is to have a general power socket for us to power up our tools.

Is the lift installation noisy?

The major part of the installation is basically assembly the pre-manufactured rail parts and the chair and motor unit. The only noisy part is the drilling of the screws holes in the steps of the staircase. This drilling is typically done in the afternoon around 3 pm (if the lift installation has started in the morning time). If the drilling noise is too much it can be postponed to a later stage, if necessary.

Does the client has to be present during installation?

The client does not have to be present during the installation. Better is to move away from the site especially during the drilling. We do expect the client to be back to sign off the work being carried out, and for us to explain the operation of the lift.

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