How long does it take for a stairlift installation?

Stairlift installation varies depending on whether your stairlift is straight or curved. If the stair lift is straight, installation is relatively simple. It’s just a matter of attaching the stair lift to the staircase steps and a lift installer will usually spend between three to four hours on the job. Curved stair lift installation is a different matter. Curved rail stair lifts are complex and need experienced stair lift installers to handle the installation. It takes typically 1 full working day.

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Is a lift fixed to the wall?

A stairlifts or chairlifts are never fixed to the wall. That means that can install a lift on a staircase without any walls. Sometimes extra wall supports are used, but generally these are not necessary

Can a staircase be too narrow?

Stairlifts can fit in a minimum staircase space of 80 cm width. When the lift is in use on an 80cm staircase, a second person must wait till the lift has stopped. It is too narrow for the second person to overtake the lift user. In Malaysia the typical staircase width is 1.1 meter, so that is enough space for a second user on the staircase.

Can my staircase handle the weight of a stairlift?

The highest load on the steps of a staircase is when someone (heavy) is walking down. This means that 80kg is landing on 1 leg on 1 step. Using a stairlift the 80 kg + the rail 100kg and chair 50kg is spread over at least 15 steps, which average out of 15 kg per step. So with a stairlift your load on the staircase itself is very low. You can say that if you have a weak staircase you better use a stairlift.

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