What features can you have with a stairlift?

The stairlift has various features. We differentiate common features and special features.

Common features are the the various chair colours, and rail colours. There are 2 standard colours available. There are additional chair colours available for a slightly higher cost. The rail can be made in any RAL colour. If it is not standard, than the it can still be delivered at additional cost, and the manufacturing time will take typical 2 to 3 weeks extra.

Another common feature is the additional battery pack for peak usage of the stairlift. That happens in usage such as a mosque, church or temple. During a short time many people will use it, then a longer period it is not in use.
We also have a special chair for the vary heavy persons. Standard the lift can be used up to 125 kg, but for the heavy users the chair can be made suitable for 150kg.

Special featues, are the raised chair option. This option is for users who cannot bent there knee(s). The chair-seat is raised such that the feet can still be on the footplate and the user can still sit on the chair seat.
For special children we can install a 6 point seatbelt child chair. This will keep the child on the chair even during an epileptic attack or seizures.
For the straight lift there is an outdoor unit. This unit is rain proof. It has additional seals so that the lift can be in full rail without interruptions of operations. Important is that the lift is not in the full sun, because it will reduce the life span of the batteries.

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