Otolift Stairlift

Why Otolift Stairlift ?

Otolift is a family business that was founded in 1891 by Mr Otto Ooms. It can boast an enormous experience in the field of stairlifts. After all, more than 185,000 Otolift stairlifts have been produced. All these stairlifts are a complete Dutch quality product from their own factory in Bergambacht.

Meanwhile, the staff of Otolift has grown to more than 500 employees and the company has been market leader in the Netherlands for many years.

In the meantime, more than 135,000 customers have already opted for the quality of an Otolift in the Netherlands alone. Customer chose a stairlift from a family business that has existed for more than 125 years, where they found that extra bit of involvement that they missed at other companies. That extra confidence, that you also look for when purchasing a stairlift.

Otolift in number


100% Dutch product

Family business since 1891


Work for more than 500 employees

Collaboration with more than 250 municipalities


Otolift has 15,000m2 own factory

Received the title 'Royal' in 2016


135,000+ stairlifts sold in the Netherlands

An Otolift mounted every 19 minutes

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Friendly priced

Market leader

Good after sales service

Fast delivery