Otolift Modul-Air Stairlift

Thinnest Single Rail In The World

Otolift Modul-Air stairlift, a new revolution stairlift in the market. The stairlift with the thinnest single rail in the world is now available for modular delivery. This beautiful design stairlift offers many advantage to you as a customer. The modular technology allows us to keep all rail parts in stock. This can not only save costs but also reduce delivery time.

  • Thinnest single rail in the world
  • Powered folding footrest
  • Wall or banister remain in place
  • Automated swivel seat (optional)
  • Ultra compact design
  • Fast delivery

Otolift Modul-Air Stairlift Features

Otolift Modul-air stairlift safety belt
The safety belt is easy to use and can be operated with one hand.
Otolift Modul-air stairlift safety sensor
The stairlift will stop when detecting an obstacle. Automatic, soft and safe.
Otolift Modul-air stairlift joystick
The control lever is robust and stable enough to be used as support.
Otolift Modul-air stairlift folded chair
The stairlift can be folded quickly. This saves space and leaves the stairs accessible.
Otolift Modul-air stairlift swivel chair
The chair turns 90 degrees at the top of the stairs, for safe entry and exit. It can also be equipped with an automated swivel seat for smooth ride and getting on and off safely.(Optional: automated swivel seat)
power failure
The stairlift keeps functioning in case of power failure.
remote control
The stairlift is equipped with two remote controls. for both upstairs and downstairs. You can get the chair to you by using the remote.
Powered folding footrest
Equipped with automatic folding footrest as a standard. This way you do not need to bend down to fold the footrest.
Otolift Modul-Air stairlift mint start
The innovative rail design which required no extra space for at bottom of the stairs.

Stairlift Technical Specification

DriveRack and pinion
Max. inclinationUp to 52°
CapacityMax. 125 kg
Motor powerDC motor 24 Volt 200 walt
Remote controlsRemote controls with light touch switches
SafetyBottom side is provided with a safety panel, operating in both ways of direction of travel
Batteries2 x 12 V batteries
OperationJoystick control
Automatic stopYes with soft start and stop
FootrestPowered folding footrest
CertificationEN 81-40, Machine Directive 2006/42/EG
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