Ascendor PLG7 / PLK8

Timeless elegance and attractive design

Ascendor clearly demonstrates that it is possible to combine elegance and functionality! The increasing number of satisfied customers supports this opinion and justifies our claim that Ascendor manufactures the most attractive stair lifts.

Stylish, flexible and secure, the Ascendor platform stair lift is ideally suited to fit all staircases. Regardless if they are straight or curved, in single or multi storey buildings, in- or outdoor installations, the numerous benefits of our platform stairlift will always offer you the best solution.


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WEIGHT 10 kg
Dimensions 60 x 40 x 30 cm
Color Black, Blue, Green, Brown, White, Yellow
Material Steel

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Technical Data of Platform Stairlift

Standard equipment Standard finish in metallic-silver, automatically operated safety bars and loading ramps, stainless steel handrail fitted along staircase, sensor buttons, smooth start and stop function, emergency call button, emergency cut-off switch, automatic speed reduction when the lift negotiates corners, crush protection fitted on sides and underneath the platform, electrically operated - supplied with 4 batteries and recharger, safety handle, non-slip platform surface
Safety approval EC type approval by TÜV Austria in accordance with the latest EC-machinery guidelines, CE-labelled
Flexibility Ideal for installation in multi-storey buildings, with stations between levels. Future extensions to the system can be easily added as required
Space required Total depth of wall mounted and folded lift unit: 25 cm for straight and 31 cm for curved staircases
Standard platform sizes in [mm] 800 x 800 / 800 x 750 / 800 x 700 / 800 x 650
900 x 800 / 900 x 750
1000 x 800 / 1000 x 700
Non-standard sizes available on request [mm]* 1000 x 900 / 1210 x 830 / 1250 x 800 / 1300 x 800
Colours Standard finish: metallic silver (similar to RAL 9006) All RAL-colours or stainless-steel finish are available on request. *
Remote control options Spiral cable attached remote control unit or app for Android Smartphones via Bluetooth receiver or 2 hand-held wireless remote-control units or 2 lockable, wall mounted remote control units (e.g. for public buildings)
Operating functions: -Folding or opening the platform -Travel in upstairs or downstairs direction
Materials Stable lightweight steel/aluminium construction Supporting components made from galvanized, zinc-coated steel Covering panels made from robust, scratch resistant, UV-proof ABS plastic. Stainless steel finish is available - on request*
Upper transport rail Stainless steel handrail diameter 42,4mm; free from grease and dirt
Lower transport rail for straight staircases Stainless steel solid bar, diameter 30mm with milled toothed rack
Lower transport rail for curved staircases Stainless steel tube diameter 42.4mm with welded toothed rack
Drive unit 24 Volt DC operation via 4 integrated, maintenance free rechargeable batteries, automatic recharger included. Capacity can be doubled, and four additional batteries fitted - on request*
Drive system Reliable and maintenance free rack and spur gear
Speed of travel Maximum speed at 0.15 m/s
Noise level Less than 63 dB
Gradient angle 0°-47°
Payload 225 kg (can be increased to 300 kg - on request*)

* Special requests are all subject to additional costs.
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