What Our Clients Say

1. How is the order process?

We define 3 steps in the order process.

Step 1: Assessment

We need to do is to measure your staircase and calculate the length of the rail. This can also be by yourself, if needed.

We will find out which special features you need, like colour, material, parking point and etc. Then we provide you with a quotation.

Step 2: Place Order

Upon confirmation, we will perform the staircase photo measurement. The specialist will then design the stairlift based on your requirement. The stairlift design drawing will be presented to you for your approval and finally send to production for fabrication. Upon completion, we will ship the stairlift from Netherland to Malaysia and deliver up to your door step.

Step 3: Installation

The installation of the lift takes an average of six to eight hours. You will of course receive a friendly and comprehensive explanation about the operation of the lift.

Stairlift is customised to fit your staircase.

For the straight staircase, the stairlift price is determined by the length of the staircase.

On the other hand, a curved stairlift is determined by the length and number of bends needed for the complete stairlift solution.

As for the chair unit, it can be provided basic or with additional features.

Please feel free to contact us for free quotation.

The stairlift warranty is 12 months or 1 year from the date of the installation.
The stairlift manufacturer is Otolift from Netherlands and is the No. 1 selling brand in Netherlands, with an annual production of 20,000 lifts per year.
The stairlift is battery powered by 2 batteries of 12 Volt each. However, we need a 240 Volt 13 Amp power socket either at the top or bottom of the staircase to provide electricity to keep the on-board batteries charged.
Depending on the staircase and lift model, the delivery time varies between from one to four weeks. If an urgent situation occurs, Otolift can help you even faster in many situations.
Installation of stairlift for double storey house would normally take around 6 to 8 hours. Power socket to be provided at the nearby vicinity.
The maximum weight the lift can carry is 125kg, and that is based on continuous load. We do have heavier load capacity at 140kg.
We have installed the first lift in 1998 in Bukit Mertajam, by Dr. Khoo, the eye specialist. The stairlift is still running. With proper maintenance, we believe the stairlift can last for more than 20 years.
The stairlift is battery powered machine. Therefore, it is lightning proof. However, by a direct lightning hit, it might damage the charger. So, for houses in prone areas, an additional protector is advised. Ask our staff for one unit to be installed during the installation.
No. Thanks to the smart battery drive and the built-in emergency program, the ride can always be completed. The lift can be used several times even after the power failure!
Narrow stairs, steep stairs, stairs with curves .... every staircase is different. That is why Otolift stairlift is a customized product, made exactly for the staircase at home. An Otolift stairlift fits well at any staircase. We also have various models of stairlifts, so that the stairlift can be optimally adjusted to your specific stair situation. If you want certainty about the possibilities, you can contact us

The stairlift rail will be mounted on the staircase. The wall and hand rail will remain untouched.

The stairlift is neatly screwed on the stairs with small supports. There is therefore no need to drill in the wall.

Yes. Otolift has developed various stairlifts, whereby a good walkability is guaranteed. In this respect, the AIR can be placed perfectly on the narrow inside bend, so that the wide side of your staircase remains completely free and your railing can stay. The TWO can be placed along the outside bend of your stairs. The stairway of this stairlift is so slender that it can be compared to a handrail and thus leaves the running line completely intact.
There is a different solution for each stairlift model; the rail of the stairlift can be designed with drop start or mint start at the first step or sliding rail. So, nothing stands out for a door or in a corridor.
Using the rotatable seat section. At the top of the stairs you can easily turn the seat a quarter turn, after which you can safely make the entry or exit.
Using the wireless remote control, you can take the stairlift to you upstairs or downstairs. These controls are at the top and bottom of the stairs and are included as standard.
1. What is the cost of a stairlift?

For a curved staircase the cost of the stairlift depends on the type of staircase your have and the total length of the staircase. The stairlift chair can be provided basic and with additional features. A straight stairlift price is mainly depending on the length only. Because the price is in Euro’s and the shipping charges changing all the time you can call us for an estimation. For a fast quote please follow the staircase selector here and we provide you with the cost of your stairlift as soon as possible.

2. What is the power consumption?

The lift is using a small AC motor which is powered by 2 batteries of 12 Volt each. The power consumption is of the motor is around 250Watt. It uses the power from the batteries when it is running up or downstairs. If not in use the lift is on the charger. It is just like your hand phone. The charger is connected to a normal power socket or power outlet in the house.

3. Is the lift lightning proof?

When the lift is operating it is not connected to any power cord. Therefore the lift is lightning proof. If the lift is charging, then by a direct lightning hit the charger might get damaged. So for houses in prone areas an additional protector is advised. Ask our staff for one unit to be installed during the installation.

4. What is the maximum weight the lift can carry?

The maximum weight the lift can carry is 130kg, and that is based on continuous load. We do have heavier clients, 140kg, which are using the lift without problems.

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